About us


We are a small family who live in a rural house in a picturesque village of Rethymno, named Loutra.

We love our peaceful life in the village, the beauty of nature and we enjoy our fresh products of Cretan agriculture.

We produce our own olive oil, many vegetables and fruit. We also have a small farm with animals.

We make traditional sweets and marmalade (jam) with our fruit.

Also, we put in jars many products which we have collected or produced so as to preserve them, such as tomato, figs, vine leaves, artichokes, kapari, kritamos.

The most important thing is that we love being with friends, and drink our wine tasting the wonderful Cretan flavors of the traditional food.

Besides, it is known that Cretans love to drink a lot of wine and raki but they never do it alone.


2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. How long are the classes ? Do you have any tomorrow morning ? Thanks much.


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