Greek recipes


 Dakos or Koukouvagia and its history

the most simple and tasty appetizer of Crete


main dishes

Greek Meatballs Soup (Yοuvarlakia Avgolemono)

     Meatballs Soup with egg-lemon sauce, also known as Yοuvarlakia avgolemono is an easy but delicious Greek dish. It’s a winter dish.The secret of the recipe is the egg-lemon sauce, which gives a nice texture and flavor.




Φ-μπαμιες με κοτόπουλο.jpg  Chicken with okra


Taramosalata01.jpg Taramosalata (Fish roe with bread)


Φ-μπουρεκι.jpg Boureki from Chania


DSC_0150.JPGMpriam (ratatouille)


Mousaka and it’s history

Kidonopasto (Quince paste)

Easter cookies