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Every year, we have hosted many good and kind people in our house from the furthest parts of our planet.
We share with them memories, experiences and we enjoy so many pleasant, relaxed and delicious moments
For our guests, the hospitality in our home is a sweet memory of their vacation, but their wonderful, noble reviews are a valuable gift for us.
They give us the strength to continue to host people in the unique way of Cretan traditional hospitality.
So, the best way to get to know us is through our visitors’ nice comments.

Tanja. September 2019. Great experience. My daughter and me booked Andronikis traditional Cretan cooking class. It was a wunderful experience. Androniki and her husband were very friendly and welcoming. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot about Cretan cuisine. I can absolutely recommend it.
MattOstend. August 2019. Very interesting workshop given by the adorable Androniki. Very interesting workshop given by the adorable Androniki, assisted by her husband and a good friend, an adorable polyglot lady. I can ab-so-lutely advise to go to Loutra when staying in Crete, and follow this cooking workshop! And of course, the dinner after the workshop with our friends together with the hosts after it, was, marvelous! A must do when you love cooking, learning the Cretan cuisine, and you stay or are in the neighborhood!
ClareGa. September 2019. Best food of our trip. I was a bit hesitant about booking this and “wasting” beach time but am so glad we did it. We are a family of 5. We ordered the vegetarian cooking class. We were welcomed by Androniki and her husband and her lovely neighbour who was also there to help translate even though Androniki’s English is excellent. While we were preparing the food (stuffed vegetables, cheese, tzatziki etc.) her husband kept coming in with delicious food prepared in the outdoor oven. There were delicious pies and fried potato chips with oregano. The meal we ate there was the best we had eaten in Crete. They insisted on packing up the leftovers for us to take with us. We also went round the beautiful garden and Androniki explained about all the herbs and plants.By the time we left we felt they were like family. If you don’t want to prepare the food yourselves you can just go there for the best meal you will eat on the island. It’s an easy drive from Chania.

Sarah B. September 2019. Gracious Hospitality & Beautiful Scenery The cooking class with Androniki and her family and friends was the highlight of our trip to Crete. I discovered her class from a 2017 Condé Nast article called “The Quieter Side is Crete.” She was responsive and very helpful when we requested to book via email. My mom and I wanted to take part in the cooking while my husband and dad looked forward to taking part in eating of the cooking. Androniki said that was no problem. My dad and husband enjoyed sitting on their beautiful shaded patio and talking with Androniki’s husband as well as watching us cook. Androniki’s husband brought us several types of pies (homemade cheese, Horta, etc) made from her handmade phyllo. Sooo good! The class itself was perfect. She did a lot of preparation before we arrived to ensure it went smoothly. No stress at all and she is very easy going. It was very pleasant to learn all about the Cretan dishes from her. We made so many different things!! Dolmades, Gemista, Meatballs in an avgolemino sauce, homemade sheep’s milk cheese, tsatsiki, and moussaka (her family recipe). THEN her husband brought out even more food that he had been preparing in their gorgeous traditional outdoor oven – pork shank with potatoes – and Greek salad. It was a FEAST! We all gathered around their outdoor dining area to eat. The best part of the class was truly their company, including a neighbor that joined us for the day. If you love food and good company – you will love spending your day with them!!

Catherine V.  May 2019. The best Cretan cooking experience. Androniki is so kind and opens her home for you to enjoy. The cooking class is taught in her kitchen in her home where she teaches you to prepare traditional Crete dishes. She had a table prepared for us on her back patio to enjoy all of the foods we made and then some! We also toured her backyard garden and after lunch she and her friends taught us traditional dances. This was the best experience our whole trip to Greece.

Melnoel22. July 2018. Creatan Cooking Dream. My friends and I had such a great time, that we are still talking about it months later! Androniki was a great teacher and cook. She showed us around her garden, explained about local Cretan plants, how to make cheese, explained the moussaka process as we built it. The BEST moussaka ever, we ate it for breakfast the next day. Her husband cooked some yummy treats in the summer kitchen as well. It was a great meal with wonderful people and we had an absolute blast. I highly recommend it!

Tanja. August 2018. Great cooking experience. I booked the cooking experience at Andronikis together with my daughter and we had a really great time there. The reception was very warm and welcoming. Androniki is a fantastic cook and a very good teacher. She showed us how to prepare a delicious cretan meal which we afterwards enjoyed together in her beautifully decorated patio. I can absolutely recommend this experience and would surely book it again if I spent another holiday on Crete.

Zoe. July 2020. Authentic and genuine Excellent cooking classe given by the kindest hosts in a calm environment. They are so genuine and are passionated about sharing their knowledge of the Cretan cuisine. This is a memorable experience that will remain in our hearts for a long time.

Over a homemade meal, one writer discovers a different side of the Greek island.

The Quieter Side of Crete

BY JON MAKSIK – August 12, 2017

Beneath the tourist hordes, claptrap resorts, and tacky souvenir shops, you can still unearth iconic Crete: crystalline water, wild beaches, quiet coves, savage mountain passes, and remnants of its glorious Minoan civilization; the unhurried life in villages perched on rugged mountain terrain.

In the small town of Loutra, twenty minutes from Rethymno, Androniki’s Cretan House is a haven. Here, Karagianni Androniki, her husband Pantelis, and their son, Giorgos, welcome visitors for cooking lessons and lunch. Karagianni teaches us to make dolmades by stuffing grape leaves with herbs, rice, onions, and parsley; mine are imperfect, but she reassures me that how they taste is what counts. She shows us how to make fresh cheese, and we sauté tomatoes, garlic, and parsley with a chicken, whose relatives we have just met. A neighbor arrives as Androniki puts a big iron pan in the wood-fired outdoor oven. When everything is prepared, we sit at a long table under the pergola and savor the results of our efforts, along with home-pressed olive oil and fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden. As the conversation swells and moves around the table, my wife and I feel part of the family.We clear the table, and maps are spread out among the apparently self-refilling glasses of raki, a grape-based brandy. Pantelis points out the Arkadi Monastery, where the Ottomans crushed the Cretan revolt of 1866. (During three days of resistance against a force of 15,000, hundreds of women and children hid in a room filled with kegs of gunpowder—rather than surrender, they blew themselves up.) It is only ten minutes up the road, he tells us; you should go this afternoon. Giorgos, meanwhile, identifies the beaches that he insists we must see, “if you love beaches as much as you say you do.” A day later, after a spectacular drive over the White Mountains to the Libyan Sea, we confirm his judgment.………..

Ruth September 2019. We were hosted by Androniki, her husband, and a friend (Herika?) who assisted with translation as needed. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon and would highly recommend joining them for lunch. Androniki and her crew did a wonderful job of handling all the prep work before we arrived and we had a great time making homemade cheese and putting together a plethora of Greek dishes — all were incredible. While our creations cooked in the outdoor oven, Androniki gave us a tour of her beautiful vegetable and herb garden. We even stopped to sample a pomegranate and gogi berries freshly picked from the trees! Finally we all sat down together and enjoyed our meal — it was truly heaven in Crete. I definitely suggest going hungry as you’ll want to try everything at least once! Androniki — thank you again for hosting us. We really appreciated your hospitality and sincerely hope to see you again!

Jennifer September 2019. It was a wonderful experience cooking with Androniki and her family. It was a unique experience to use fresh herbs and vegetables from her garden to make delicious family recipes. Such lovely company with warm and kind hosts and their lovely friends. We all ate the dishes we had prepared together, a real feast. Thank you so much. Lesley, Tim and Jenny

Amit September 2019. Androniki’s cooking class was a special experience. The food and the atmosphere were amazing! It was one of the highlights of our trip.

Alekh September 2019.  What a wonderful experience! The day we spent with Androniki, Pantelis, and Chariklia was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip to Crete. Set in their beautiful garden and open kitchen, we had a blast (and lots of laughs) as we learnt to make delicious traditional Cretian dishes. Every part of the experience had been thought through to make it a very special and memorable day. The hosts were incredibly generous and the food was plentiful and delicious. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Matthieu September 2019. Very interesting workshop given by the adorable Androniki, assisted by her husband and a good friend, an adorable polyglot lady. I can ab-so-lutely advise to go to Loutra when staying in Crete, and follow this cooking workshop! And of course, the dinner after the workshop with our friends together with the hosts after it, was, marvelous! A must do when you love cooking, learning the Cretan cuisine, and you stay or are in the neighborhood!

Kristin August 2019. Amazing experience! This was our fondest memory of our time in Crete. The family could not have been nicer and we learned how to make so many dishes, the food was the best we had in Crete! You will surely be missing out if you do not book this! Cannot recommend more : )

Sarah June 2019. We had an amazing day with Androniki. We truly felt part of their family and alongside cooking some amazing dishes, we learnt so much about Cretan culture & the way of life, which was fabulous! This was definitely the highlight of our holiday & would recommend to all.

Jörn June 2019. Wir hatten einen wundervollen Abend gemeinsam mit dem Ehepaar, das sehr lecker lecker griechische Spezialitäten mit ausschließlich Zutaten und Kräutern aus dem eigenen Garten und eigener Herstellung für uns vorbereitet hatte! Die Gesellschaft der beiden und ihrer Freundin war sympathisch, informativ, liebevoll und sehr amüsant! Wir können dieses schöne Erlebnis in der überaus gastfreundlichen Atmosphäre unbedingt weiterempfehlen! Claudia und Jörn sagen ein herzliches Dankeschön für diesen unvergesslichen griechischen Abend!

Jean-MichelMay 2019. Very , very nice! Really typical Cretan lunch! congratulations!

Christine May 2019. Androniki (with the help of her husband and friends) gave us the most magical experience. They enthusiastically greeted us with delicious homemade cheese pies, raki, and limoncello. We explored her beautiful property, enjoyed fresh greek coffee, then had the most wonderful cooking lesson. She taught us to make so many delicious dishes. Her husband continued to bring us more food. In a beautiful outdoor dining area, we enjoyed our absolute best meal of the entire trip. We then learned to dance like Greeks! She even had a professional photographer with us the whole time so our group of friends will have such special pictures from the wonderful day! Androniki and her crew had us laughing all day. We felt so welcomed. For all 10 of us, it was the absolute best part of our entire Greek adventure. Thank you, Androniki, we will remember this day forever!!

Lieke October 2018. Androniki’s cooking class was the highlight of our trip to Crete! She will show you how to cook traditional Cretan meals in her garden kitchen, using products from her own garden! This is what makes this cooking class so special, besides learning how to cook delicious meals you also get a peek in the life a local. The company was really good as well – we shared stories with Androniki, her husband and the translator (who Androniki hired to help her with the conversations in English)! In conclusion: for lovely food and good company go to Androniki, she’s the best!

Ingunn Margrethe – September 2018. I had a fantastic day together with Androniki! She showed me her garden, we cooked, talk, eat, and very important laughed a lot. Go visit her, you will not regret it.

Tanja – September 2018. We had a wonderful time with Androniki and her husband. They were very welcoming and Androniki is a phantastic cook and teacher. I have some food allergies about which I informed her in advance and she really took everything into account and prepared special dishes for me. I really appreciate this. Thanks again for an enjoyable cooking lesson, a delicious meal and interesting conversation. I can really recommend this experience and would certainly book it again if I holidayed again on Crete.

Jérémie September 2018. Androniki welcomed our group of 7 for a cooking class in her house. This was one of the best Eatwith experience I’ve attended. Androniki and her husband are kind-hearted, open-minded and generous people. During the cooking class we learned how to cook some typical Cretan meals: Mousaka, homemade fresh cheese, Tzatziki, Dolmadakia in both fig leaf and Zucchini flower… At the end we had cooked so much that at the end of the lunch we took away some more to eat on the next day.

Linda August 2018. Had such a good time at Androniki’s house!!! Androniki and her husband are absolutely lovely people, that are very kind-hearted, open-minded and generous. The food was incredible and we were amazed to know that most of it either came from their own garden/home farm or harvested on the island. Androniki and her husband not only have great food to share (with a lot of creativity) but also meaningful knowledge that comes from a true passion of theirs and from having moved to the countryside to get in touch with a simple and seasonal way of living. Very inspiring. The good news is that we are staying on the island – so… we’ll be back!

Augustin August 2018. We had a great experience with Androniki, her husband and her friend. She guided us through her aromatic garden and she gave us some of her best cooking tips (we learnt the recipe for a tasty sauce with meat). All the different meals were delicious, we really discovered the true cretan culinary culture and we met wonderfull people! Thank you Androniki!

Melissa July 2018. We had an amazing time! The food was delicious and the company even better! Androniki showed us some great Cretan dishes, shared some family recipes, showed us around her garden and summer kitchen. It was a once in a lifetime experience, I HIGHLY recommend cooking with Androniki and enjoying a meal with her family. They were so welcoming and it was the highlight of my trip

Stefan July 2018. Great person, great meal, great location! Wonderful experience!

David June 2018. Wow! We recently traveled to Barcelona, Athens, Crete and Santorini. Then on to various places all over Italy. We tried every Spanish, Greek and Italian food we had time for. There were some good dishes and great sites to see, but the most memorable experience and best food we had during our entire trip was with Nikki and her family. Not to mention, it was a lovely change from all the restaurants which served many of the same items. We were a little apprehensive at first, but quickly put at ease with a garden tour and helping collect some herbs, and eggs from the chickens. Our kids, 14 & 9, had a great time as well. We spent hours eating, chatting and laughing. They really went out of their way to make us all feel very welcome. We left with leftovers and some other goodies, which were quickly devoured the next day. The food was amazing, even the vegetables were eaten by my picky teenager! We really cannot recommend this meal experience enough. The ingredients were fresh and some of the food had been cooking/tenderizing all day and was ready and waiting for us. My wife ate the tzatziki sauce with a spoon it was so good. We are clearly going to have to start making that at home ourselves. If we ever get back to Crete, I would make a point to go back. In the meantime, we hope Nikki writes a recipe book one day, so we can at least attempt to recreate some of the magic from that experience and meal!

Anne August 2017. Super accueil, cours de cuisine top et famille charmante ! Une expérience géniale, un des meilleurs souvenirs de vacances. Nikki est une excellente cuisinière pédagogue et passionnée. Son huile d’olive est délicieuse ! Merci pour ce super moment. Je recommande vivement.

Comptoir des Voyages. June – 2017. Everything was wonderful at Androniki’s place, very interesting conversation, a very good meal and a great time !

Konstantin June 2017. Super, echter authentischer Geheimtipp auf Kreta !

Camille October 2016. mon mari et moi avons passé un moment très agreable . c ‘était plus q un cours de cuisine ! en effet on a appris comment la famille recolte leurs produits et visité le jardin, potagé ,petite ferme …de plus nous avons partagé le dejeuné ensemble . c était humainement très enrichissant !!! on est reparti avec de super souvenirs et des produits locaux made par notre hôte . c est une famille très accueillante !!! merci !!!!

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