Cooking lesson of traditional Cretan cuisine!

In our yard and the outdoor kitchen, we create together our food. We use ingredients that we produce all year in our garden, we also make food of the traditional Cretan cuisine.

With the company of good wine, we taste what we cooked and even more that I have already prepared, to create the best memory of the Cretan diet.

If the weather is cold,  during the winter we can have our meal indoors in a beautiful and cozy place decorated with the dower of our grandmother with goes back in time.

If the weather is fine and the yard is full of green, we will have lunch outdoors.







2 thoughts on “Cooking lesson of traditional Cretan cuisine!”

  1. Hi Androniki
    Thank you so much for a lovely day on Friday. We all enjoyed it so much. Would it be possible to have the recipe for the pastry cheese pies? The first ones that you gave us with honey were amazing and I would love to make them at home.
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Sally,
    thank you for your kind comments.
    The pastry for the cheese pies, contains:
    – 1/2 kilo all-purpose flour,
    – 1 teaspoon salt,
    – 3 tablespoon olive oil,
    – 4 tablespoon orange juice,
    – 1 glass water (approximately)
    Best wishes


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